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Richard Connolly

iCornerstone, Inc.


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iCornerstone, Inc.
79 Mill River Dr.
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Home Improvement
Business Description
iCornerstone promotes Consumer Controlled Construction as a solution to over-pricing, under performance, unrealistic allowances, and quality issues. We provide designs, labor and material specifications, accurate project costs, camera monitoring, invoice review, project accounting, and construction support that allow the homeowner to act as the general contractor easily and with a minimal time commitment.

The first three carry an hourly rate of $75, while the fourth is 15% of the cost of the work as you have defined it.

After a free Initial Consultation, we provide a proposal for the cost of our services.

Our platform networks regulators, engineers, subcontractors, service providers, and suppliers involved in your project so that everyone knows what everyone else knows, which is the hallmark of transparency and accountability. Everyone is on the same page.

Their E-folios resolve the dilemma of "If only I had known, I would have asked." Everyone benefits, and nothing like the platform exists in the industry.

Clients must provide us the names of subcontractors we do not know as a means of proving to themselves we do not steer business or have a conflict of interest. This strategy helps our network grow and ensures fairness.

Our free, online, Consumer E-Folio / Project Organizer / Property Profile / Research Tool will help you, even if you do not involve us in your project, comes with no strings attached, and respects your privacy. Simply register at and have fun using it.

We claim three remarkable achievements: no client has ever gone over budget; no subcontractor has ever been overpaid or unpaid without cause; and all clients receive the highest quality at the lowest price.
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