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Write Well - Your audience will read it! Workshop

  • February 17, 2016
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • South Shore Bank, 1484 Main St., Weymouth MA
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Looking for more visibility in your business?

Write Well - Your audience will read it!

Thank you to our Hosts: 

Jackie Hurstak of

South Shore Bank 

Patricia Funder of


When: Wednesday, February 17th

Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Where: South Shore Bank  

1484 Main Street, Weymouth

Your SSWBN membership entitles you to a unique opportunity to get in front of your audience:  you
can write an article for The Compass, SSWBN’s
internet-linked newsletter – and you have a
great potential to get it published!

Although this workshop will help you to write articles
that you can get published in any number places,
the criteria for getting an article approved
for the SSWBN newsletter include:

  • Your article must educate, inspire and/or inform in a non-promotional way
  • You need to follow some standard publication protocols and standards to produce your article
  • The purpose of your article must be to gain visibility and credibility, rather than to act as a sales pitch, special offer, commercial, promotion or even a free consultation.

In this three-step, project-based workshop, experienced writer/editor Patty Funder will guide you through a simple process to generate effective writing that gets read!  Not only will your article be delivered to more than 1400 Email addresses, we will hyperlink it in several locations on the Internet and give you the potential to “go viral.”  You will complete this workshop with your own article, and you will be far more likely to get it accepted for publication in the newsletter. 

Subject matter gives you a platform to show yourself as an “expert,” someone to whom potential customers can relate and with whom they will want to do business.  This workshop will not focus on your services and your products – readers can smell a promotional or advertising piece by the time they reach the first paragraph, and they immediately go to another, more interesting article. 

Instead, you will learn to write something that your readers want to know about, something that inspires them, educates them, or gives them special information.  For example, instead of writing about all the services that your home health agency can provide (almost the same as your competitors), you can write about why and how home health care services prolong the lives of the elderly.  Throw in a couple of real examples that elicit an emotional response, and you have a story that will rivet readers and make your agency come to mind the next they or their friends and family need at-home care for a loved one.  They will remember yours as one of the most knowledgeable agencies in the community.

Step 1:  as soon as you register for the workshop, we will send you a list of ideas for your writing project and you will select and perhaps start to work on one of them.

Step 2:  you will participate in the workshop, learning the power words that get attention, an effective writing style for your project, how to remove whatever blocks that stop you from producing it right now, and protocols and options to publish it.

Step 3:  within two weeks of the workshop you will complete your writing project and consult with the Workshop Leader/Writer for a free one-on-one editing session.  You will refine your piece and publish it, then within three days you will send a note to your Workshop Leader saying, “My project has been published, and people are talking about it!”

Seating is limited, and registrants will be chosen on a first come, first served basis. 

Questions? email:

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